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Flash is dead. Don't care going to use flash. Here are the requirements

Most current browsers support WasEmbeds (Web Assembly Embeds). If your on one then simply click on "Ruffled"

NPAPI (Old) Browsers need a flash plugin or extension to work with the files. Here's a table of reccommendations, click the one you

<-- Reccommended for Old Browsers. All of these lack a time bomb. NPAPI
<-- Reccommended for New Browsers. It's the one I use. (It's unfinished though, just wait until the end of time) Extension
<-- If you can't use the above or don't want to, then click here. Depends

Firefox users installing Ruffle: Right click on the .xpi file and select "Save Link As"to download the file directly. Then save it to the dist folder of the .zip file

These are made in my "legally" obtained copy of Flash 8 which require Flash Player 8 or any emulator with support of Actionscript 2 to play the content correctly


Hopefully those "webdevs" don't find this site